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After Party Cleaning



Everyone loves a party, but everyone hates clearing up afterwards. Everyone, except us that is!


You know the feeling. A great night of fun, food and a few cheeky glasses of your favourite tipple with family and friends. Great memories that will live, but then you wake up the next day and then it hits you! No, not the embarrassing photo's on Facebook (seriously, what WERE you thinking!) but you come downstairs and all see the messy cost of all that frivolity! The house looks like two bombs have hit it!


Neither your head nor body is ready to tidy up and that's exactly where we come in. The Lemon Cleaning Company are here to send you back to bed whilst we take care of the mess.

We will take care of everything! We'll do the washing up, the cleaning up and the tidying up so you don't even have to get up. Whether it's a quiet night in that turned quite loud, a family BBQ, a karaoke event with voices shrill enough to shatter glass or a party to celebrate something magical, we've seen it all.


You can rest assured that when you're ready to face the world again, you can do so knowing that the house is ready for your next awesome party....and so are we!

Every quote is tailor-made around you, meaning you don't pay for work you don't need or jobs you didn't ask to be done and we don't charge you for extra hours unnecessarily. You get the highest quality work, when you want, at a price you'll love!


For more details call us on 07876 6363063, drop us an email or complete the form on our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you. Party on!

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